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colour book : greenland

02/03/2020 By HC

a massive wildlife pond under construction with it's rubber liner being laid by HC Landscapers in sunset

Welcome to another chapter in our colour book series. As we are on the eve of Spring now, the landscapes and gardens are truly desaturated with the exception of colour pops of naturalised Narcissus. To quench a natural thirst for some colour right now we are sharing a few of our green oasis projects. Pictured above is the wildlife pond being installed over at Muddle Barn, soon to be a haven of water as part of a wider landscape design. More on this soon when we set out to greenscape it with gorgeous aquatics and surrounding plants and shrubs. For now here’s some samples of smaller water gardens we have created.

very green gardens

green lawn in a white woodland with dandelion sculpture

Harpsden Wood House, Henley on Thames

a sausage dog in a cobbled front garden with green trees and parterre planting in oxfordshire

Judge’s House, Kingham

Potager, Burford

Harpsden Wood House, Henley on Thames

townhouse garden in Oxford productive garden with obelisks and bowl planters

Firefly, Oxford

green garden design with topiary and Lavender parterre

North End

ferns and buxus garden

Judge’s House

wildflower meadow with oak tree and daises

Far End

a white book filled with live Nigella flowers at Harpsden Wood House

Some other colourful chapters –

lavender blue

apricots & cream

mellow yellow


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