Front of House

We have always promoted front of house, championing great British homefronts that celebrate each season. As the precursor to a home's entire aesthetic and lifestyle on offer, we believe that every FOH should embody a statement of style that welcomes and inspires.

Signature styling

A successful FOH is one that presents good etiquette through a cohesion of functionality, property style and location. In the belief that every home front deserves to be considered as much as the interior of the property it belongs to, we encourage brave design choices to create truly bespoke projects.

Wild prairie garden with path in front of house
Farrow & Ball railings coloured front of house door with white hydrangea filled watering can

"If you want to be original, be ready to be copied"

- Coco Chanel

Dog sculpture at front of house

Great British home fronts

A high level of greenscaping over hardscaping comes in to effect to ensure a property retains its identity as a front garden. Style is drawn together from architectural elements, a restricted palette and often key landmark statements. Over the years we have created many signature projects in the UK. With the townhouses and village projects, streets have often enjoyed a chain affect from these popping up and their owners have delighted in the daily interest and comments from passersby. 

Designing in season

HC Guiding Principles

In Spring a property will be bright with fresh greens emerging and a superfluous of florals in the given signature colour palette. In Summer it will be cool, calm and collected with sharp edges and immaculate architectural foliage and flowers. In Autumn there will be structural planting and trees that come ablaze with the season, that then fade to reveal the design of the Winter bones of the scheme. Alongside this, thoughtful lighting design and a fabulous front door will distinguish the property in these months.

Farrow & Ball Downpipe coloured door at front of house with alliums before bloom
Portland stone steps up to Farrow & Ball French Gray in Oxford front garden

Welcome home

The power of a property’s facade and entryway should never be underestimated, nor should the pride in creating, up keeping and owning a beautiful front of house.

Railings protect white tulips and box buxus topiary balls in front garden