Garden Design

Our mission is to design and create unique gardens for our clients. Each project is individual, meeting the needs of the home owners and reflecting their signature style.

Design doctrine

For a garden to be timeless it needs to combine modern elements with traditional techniques and native materials with plants. That is the ethos at the heart of the gardens and landscapes that we create, in the belief that they will all stand the test of time, maturing and settling naturally into their environments.

Lavender fields, half in bloom. artiists image of landscape

"Design is thinking made visual"

- Saul Bass

All about design

We design gardens and landscapes in towns, countrysides and villages. Our team of designers and landscapers work together to realise these projects. By collaborating with architects and our trusted craftswomen, craftsmen, technicians, trades and suppliers, client projects are delivered in full.

The HC team provide all aspects of the required CAD plan drawings, planting plans and moodboards. 3D animated real-time fly-throughs and walkthroughs, conceptual drawings and sketch up plans can all assist the visualisation process. Our clients also have access to exclusive resources for obtaining unique furnishings and sculptures.

The design and the details

Attention to detail is in the DNA of HC. Projects are designed conceptually at first and then the finer details and artistry come in to play. Each garden and landscape is treated like a journey – regardless of scale. By structuring these journeys with hidden details and elements of reveal, the effects can be enchanting.

Modern Cotswold home in landscape design Oxfordshire
Snow scene of winter grasses inside large cream planter at harpsden wood house

Design disciplines

Each finished project is a cohesion of our eclectic design approach and our clients’ tastes. We like the parameters of the landscape, the style of the interior and period of the property to inform the outside but we like to challenge conventions and create gardens with styles that defy simple descriptions or labels.

modern garden with white hydrangeas and Piet boon furniture