We embrace the seasons from year to year and focus on maximising the individual appeals of each


A garden should be a stylistic extension of the home and a place of escapism - both in tranquil and active pursuits.

Seasonal gardens spring flower design in the studio

"The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting"

- Alexander McQueen

When Spring arrives it heralds a whole new season for fresh possibilities of blurring the boundaries between outside and in. We design and implement bespoke planting schemes for our clients that reflect their individual tastes and embrace the context of each original home. We start the planning, prepping, installation and planting process way ahead so gardens and landscapes can simply unfold and impress from early in the year.

Magnolia flower macro shot in Hygge design studio
Hygge floral couture dark berry and white tulips from cut flower garden


We are all about colour around here - whether bright and controversial or from a restricted palette. We use colour tactically in our projects, but never, ever apologetically.

Red poppy and blue cornflower wild flower prairie Hygge landscape

"I never met a colour I didn't like"

- Dale Chihuly

Gardens are designed to embrace all that Summer has to offer with bursting borders full of floral couture, bright sun traps and dappled shade retreats. A feature of water is a must for ambience. As a lot of hopes are pinned on Summer, our gardens are always well equipped to combat unfavourable weather fronts and keep everyone outdoors all season long.

Pink, red and purple cut flowers from wild seasonal gardens
Floral couture white Hydrangea from seasonal gardens


Our canvas and mediums are ever changing with the seasons, which is a challenge that we welcome. It keeps up momentum and ushers in continual change and adaptation.

Autumn leaves design in seasonal gardens

"Tis the season for bringing outside in, and by way of light and fire, living inside out."

To extend outdoor living we focus on good lighting design, a source of heat, comfy furnishings and shelter. We have always promoted a Hygge approach to Autumn and although we shouldn’t pick favourites… Autumn always manages to prevail.

Autumn lichen sticks from seasonal gardens
Autumn red and white cornus canadensis macro shot in seasonal gardens


We appreciate how spaces affect how you function and how you feel. This is integrated into our multi-seasonal approach to design.

Winter snow plant pots in seasonal gardens

"White doesn't mark the absence of colour, it marks the presence of pure style"

In the depths of Winter, when all is toned down to its natural pared-back state our gardens and landscapes emanate elegance and confidence. We welcome and cherish these colder months in our designs because the simpler stages of outside give us all a period of respite. Lighting, muted palettes and raw structures are the details that shine brightest in the bones of our Winter gardens.

Winter landscape in seasonal gardens
Winter railings in seasonal gardens