Harpsden Wood House

Land Scape

Set within 15 acres of private woodlands, Harpsden Wood House is a true Wonderland project and a modern classic. There are traditional elements that run throughout . We had the opportunity to create many new entities. We designed all of the gardens and landscapes in reaction to an over orchestrated scheme by the original designers. The client called on us to create a fusion between outside and in. Conventions were continually challenged. So we created first, the house of cards, a corten Rose garden. Then the woodland playscape for the kids. With the integration of bespoke artisan living and interactive sculptural pieces we turned this over engineered and over 'designed' space into a living entity. We gave it an identity and made it liveable, sustainable and at the end of the day just beautiful. We hope it now exists as it should. Without noise.

The vast landscape has been designed to function as individual but interlinking gardens. Comprehensive planting schemes are designed to cycle through each season so the canvas is ever changing.

The land is categorised in to main areas that were then divided to form a series of gardens and exterior spaces. These all interlink to form a cohesive journey that promises to never disappoint no matter what direction is taken. These are North Courtyard, House Floral couture, Hydrangea Walkways, Tennis, Fruit & Nut Orchard, West Lawn Rose garden, Croquet Lawn, Ruby Forest, Main Lawn, Poolside, South Lawn, Wisteria Walkway, White Woodland, Belvedere Floral couture, Prairie Edge mixes, Kitchen & Cut flower garden, Woodland Playscape, Pet Corner, Woodland Drive, Woodland, Gated Entrance.

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