Floral couture

We like to draw upon heritage flowers and resources as much as possible to create couture schemes. We continue to revisit the forgotten or those that have fallen out of fashion. By seeking out the less obvious, and placing them in new contexts, reinvention happens and thrilling combinations evolve from year to year.

Floral frontiers

We are continually trialling and researching in our cut flower nursery in order to give our clients unique floral couture selections. In conjunction with this we are always immersed in interior and fashion design alongside many other disciplines to inform and inspire us.

Macro shot of shocking coloured tulip parrot from cut flower garden
verdigris water feature bowl and pink Dahlias in a Burford garden

"There is no better designer than nature"

- Alexander McQueen

blue and black Cornflowers in a garden design

On colour

Every client and every brief is completely different. It makes our job quite exciting and whatever our personal preferences may have once been for colour, they are continually challenged by the design and botanical explorations that come with this territory.



Alongside the colour combinations, we create bespoke planting schemes that flourish throughout each season. Texture, structure and scent are integral parts of these designs. Over time, planting patterns and rhythms have embraced tapestry style planting, colour blocking, vintage, ombre, all amidst the classical and highly contemporary. This multidisciplinary approach is applied to all types of projects – from tiny courtyard cut flower gardens to vast pictorial meadows.

Wild cut flower garden with summer house
Purple and pink wild floral couture in cut flower garden

Garden Pantry

Every occasion, big or small can be marked by flowers. We want our clients to be able to cater to any event or celebration by having an abundance of floral options at their fingertips. Arranged or not arranged; flowers and nature’s treasures should all just be ready for easy picking.

Bright white tulips outside in Spring from cut flower garden