The Source

For our clients - we strive to capture the essence of their style and function and generate spaces that simultaneously stimulate and restore them throughout the seasons.

Extending Living Space

Extending living space into the garden is integral to our designs. An HC garden is distinguished by seamless transitions and direct connections between outside and in. At the heart of this approach is a belief that every season has its own merits to be adapted to, explored and embraced.

townhouse garden in Oxford with lanterns, lawn and box balls in patio
Chair loungers and sphere sculpture with green planting installed next to garden building

"Anything can be a catalyst for a great scheme, so the natural blend between living spaces can be a very relaxed one. This is where inspiration meets practicality. Whatever the desired aesthetic, we like to create places to nest in, out of a fusion of living, functional and decorative elements."

apricot foxgloves in a modern townhouse garden with pebble cushions

The best seat in the house

Bringing outside in and living inside out

At HC we offer a very personalised exterior design service. Knowing the importance of how a space will be used, we listen and take the time to learn our clients needs, tastes and aspirations. For art directing homes outdoors we strike the right balance between originality and practical guidance.

Regardless of style or type, the key to successful exterior living places is functionality and flow. We consider and design with all the detailed requirements to make a residence operate smoothly and effectively all year round. These are chiefly home automation, heat sources and exquisite furnishings. Garden buildings and structures are designed to be multi-functional. Water and lighting design plays an integral part in our projects and the presence of signature art and sculpture is considered key. All of this firmly remains in context of an exterior living space, adhering to and respecting nature’s domain.

Home comforts

Gardens should be layered with thought and details

We pride ourselves on connecting each project’s interior design and architecture to it’s exterior. We approach this methodically and conscientiously to achieve living spaces with functionality and beauty at their core. We take inspiration from all sorts of resources and never tire of identifying the unique art direction for each client.

dandelion metal sculptures in an all white woodland
garden leaf chair and giant pot with topiary ball

From garden to table

A banquet for the senses

For day-to-day living we factor in a plethora of fruits, flowers, herbs and foliage to pick from. A personal pantry full of culinary treats and floral couture turns homes into everchanging living moodboards, where one can truly create and retreat.

Modern garden furniture in outdoor living garden