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Just a stone’s throw : Stories no.9

22/07/2020 By HC

padstow architect designed home and garden design

Welcome to another before & after story. This one whisks you away to the coast of Cornwall – one of our projects where we had to integrate the architecture of the house with the surrounding landscape. We borrowed colours and textures from the coastal landscape to layer in to the landscaped gardens and focused on native planting combined with local materials for the design.

grey house in Cornwall with lavender plants in front

Back in March who knew… we completed this project which is called The Sparrows in 2019 and travelled back March 2020 to meet the owner. That afternoon, lockdown was seeming more and more like a non-reality new reality. Within hours the Universities were being closed so we knew that our 5 day trip was over before it started and we would have to turn back round again. So for a fleeting 15 minutes we scanned the gardens and then sadly and swiftly headed straight back to The Cotswolds.

Cornwall garden lighting at night

By April the Covid 19 restrictions were an ingrained reality. Our work world had become immensely more complex and every day presented a new set of challenges… but this isn’t a Journal entry about that. This is about a place that’s a stone’s throw away from one of ‘the seven bays for seven days‘, a jewel of a garden and a successful coastal garden that has prevailed against the odds at times – including the weather. The Sparrows seemed like a stone’s throw away from us too until this year. With absence the heart grows ever fonder, and certainly with Cornwall we feel this way in 2020 and miss the regular visits.butterfly shadow

So shall we get in to the before? Please see below for pictures from our first ever visit to the site  –

and after…

cornwall house and garden architecture design with blue skies



sunloungers by Neptune in a Cornwall garden

Kindly, Padstow’s resident professional photographer Kate Whis visited The Sparrows for a shoot to record it for us and the owner during lockdown. This was all from early May 2020

shasta daisies in a Cornwall garden

Cornwall front garden with purple and pink flowers

topiary lavender and allium planting in a coastal garden

Padstow coastal Cornwall homefront with garden


Cornwall garden Allium in purple

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