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Modern Country Living

18/04/2019 By HC

Modern country living embraces many styles & sensibilities. With a vast & varied portfolio of country gardens we have gathered together a selection to share with you. We hope these inspire you to start thinking about your own. A home and garden should feed the soul, be a direct reflection of your lifestyle and promote wellness all year round. Lots of our clients’ projects have been published in books and magazines over the years and 2019 has some nice surprises in store continuing this. First up is


beehive shaped logstore wall with colourful tulips in a modern country style garden

Lakeside is all about hygge. This modern country property has a Scandinavian vibe. It is full of life and vitality, and no longer has any boundaries between inside and out. Now at Easter the Paper Birch trees get decorated in the Swedish tradition Påskris.

garden studio and log wall with swing in a modern country garden

Garden retreat at Lakeside

garden shack in blue with fire pit

glamping area with fire pit and treehouse

Last Autumn we added masses of bulbs to the property and this is what the client kindly reported

I just wanted to thank you guys and team for all our amazing bulbs. I have taken so many photos, but none of them come close to capturing how beautiful they truly are… a myriad of colours, shapes, heights and textures.. it feels like every day something new pops out and some of the alliums are literally only a breath away from opening too! I feel totally spoilt. The hydrangeas and the grasses around the fire pit  had a massive growth spurt last year and I think the garden is really settling in to itself now. It gives us all pleasure all year round… except perhaps my neighbours who have to endure Sonnys skateboard on the deck… half pipe next project 😂

Thank you once again
Lisa and family
an array of multi coloured tulips in a modern country garden

modern country garden with decking tulips and seating

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Far End

modern country living landscape of topiary hedges in a swirl

Modern country living on a sprawling but always intimate scale.

gated paddock in a modern country garden

modern barn grand design with ancient magnolia growing out of deck

cover of dozen with far end barn picture country home and garden

out door kitchen by a barn in a country home with stone seats

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The Cowshed

front door of a barn conversion painted in farrow & ball railings with cowshed sign

a bubble swing hating on a modern country living barn interior

dark farrow and ball blue barn conversion with modern country living furniture

real homes modern country living magazine page

modern country style kitchen with cut flowers from the garden

purple alliums and chives

cut flower garden barn patio

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real homes interior design magazine cover

A little bit of country in town

Railings protect white tulips and box buxus topiary balls in front garden

Not to miss out, we have created many townhouse gardens with a nice modern country vibe.

kitchen garden table with tulips and herbs in a modern country living garden

ideal homes interior magazine covers

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modern country in townhouse garden with mop head tress and hogging

modern country minimalist garden in Oxford town


Modern country living on all scales


modern country living small gardens article text

architectural digest page small garden cotswolds

architectural digest magazine cover of English garden bench

These quaint Cotswolds projects are featured in Architectural Digest USA. Judge’s House pictured above and below is now on the market in the very sought after village of Kingham.

judges house front garden in Kingham village with downpipes door

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sausage dog brown coloured standing in rain on deck