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18/07/2019 By HC

a blue sea holly flower against a pink floral background

Welcome to the blog on this fine July day. We have a little update to share this week in the form of a photoshoot from our most recent coastal project – The Sparrows. Padstow’s Local Photographer Kate Whis set out to capture it this week, a month after completion…

grey house in Cornwall with lavender plants in front

herb garden in Cornwall

The results of which we are delighted with!

Kate is back today in different light conditions, then back again to do an Autumn shoot later in the year.

coastal garden flowers in sherbet colours

Gaura flowers in a Cornwall front garden

a coastal garden with herbs and a bowl of agapanthus

We will be back in Padstow too in the Autumn to install Beehive head trees and thousands of bulbs at The Sparrows. We are in the throws of selecting a signature floral couture collection for it now. Undoubtedly sherbet colours will feature heavily.

bright pink Tulips with soft focus white ones behind

Until then, you can view a little bit more of this Cornwall project in our portfolio section

“in the making” on the blog

and for live posts over on facebook

and instagram

We will be fully updating the portfolio with Kate’s photography soon but we hope you like what you see in these sneak peaks for now.

coastal gardens cape in Cornwall of grasses and flowers

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