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09/09/2019 By HC

a mantlepiece painted in Farrow & Ball paint with Autumn leaves arranged around a stone candlestick and blue candle

Ushering in the next season ~

When designing Gardens and Landscapes in the Autumn, September marks the start of our clients attentions naturally turning to their homes, gardens and interiors. That nesting instinct seems to be triggered by the cooler evenings and altered light. No, Summer isn’t officially over, but it feels over. Autumn seems like a whisper away and September can often feel like a transitional month into the next season. And by nesting we don’t mean ‘hunkering down’. To build a satisfactory and well engineered nest is hard work. You have to be sharply focused, highly motivated and have a great deal of creative energy. You have to be a creative acrobat. A true athlete devoted to your mission.

Home improvements, changes and renovations all go hand in hand with what is going on in your outdoor space. Nowadays blurring the boundaries between inside and out is the key to creating a stylishly comfortable home. No longer are we limiting this to Spring and Summer but are instead extending this ethos into Autumn and Winter too. We are not wrapping things up just yet!

criss crossed willow sticks

So here’s our September edit, selected from some of our projects. It is intended to help aid and inspire you a little bit if you are getting into nesting mode this month. First off, essential for all September gardens onwards is uncomplicated, minimalist lighting. Less is always more for successful garden lighting schemes. Consider your neighbours. Be bat friendly. For yourself, think about how interiors look best in lamp light and candle light. Lots of low level highlighted points create the best ambience so approach outdoors in the same way.

an estate garden with evening lighting

Harpsden Wood House lighting

a Oxford garden with lighting at night

Laurel Cottage lighting

an Oxford garden at night with designer lighting on a dry stone wall

Old Lamb Barn lighting

baby owl in a tree

Next up ; plant Ornamental Grasses and meadow flowers from seed for a gorgeous looking September garden and/or landscape, and to create a microclimate of biodiversity attracting all sorts of wildlife and insects. Here are a few helpful links if you like a Modern Prairie look

Modern Prairie Style

MPS – get started

We are talking in more detail about Grasses in a few weeks.

prairie grasses with orange cortex archways

a yellow sunflower about to unfurl

a colourful butterfly resting on a yellow flower in a September garden

Bring some outside in by using September plants, foliage and foraged finds from your garden and the surrounding countryside. If you are in a town or city then work with container grown stock. Just a few units in the right setting will achieve a simple but beautiful tablescape.

an autumn wreath made up of leaves and berries from a September garden

ornamental grasses with squirrels tail flowers covered in dew

ornamental grasses in a basket in a white candlelit room

Living art : we love Air plants for this. Minimalist and fuss free. No faffing.

(spot the spider…)

air plants growing out of an interior white wall

September colour – there is more to this month’s palette than you are programmed to think. We find September to be representative of high Summer and we see floral yields in our clients projects at their peak throughout this month.

From the cool muted tones ~

echinop flower globe head

a blue tit with a white birch tree trunk

ancient wood tree trunk with white lichen in the shape of a heart

~ to the sky-blue-pinks

a white book filled with live Nigella flowers at Harpsden Wood House


September garden Dahlia tartan in white and magenta


magenta pink cosmos flowers from a September garden


September flowers in a front garden in pink tones

cut flowers in Apricot colour

Sweet Peas in a vase in pastel shades from a September garden

nigella flower macro shot in blue and turquoise

seed heads floating through a blue sky and clouds

~ to the transition in to Autumn

dried seed heads against deep blue sky

garden sculpture in metal of dandelions with fallen autumn leaves

soft cream seed head from a flower

And so to bulb season. It’s time to be planning, plotting and planting. We have some blogs on Tulip bulb selections

Tulpenwoede part 1 

Tulpenwoede part 2

In combination with our upcoming Ornamental Grasses guide we will be talking Alliums too, and a surprise post on a humble classic that may surprise you.

allium graceful flower head

allium in flower

allium flowers in a row in Harpsden Wood House long borders

All ingredients and content by us © HC Gardens

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