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Tulpenwoede part 2 : the candy, the deviants & the vintage

23/06/2018 By Adrienne

Tulip Shirley in an outdoor garden

Welcome to part 2 of our Tulip exploration where we have selected our floral couture favourites after many years of trialling and testing. In part 1 we gave you the whites

the darks

and the dramatics

now we present to you

the candy

Our Candy mixes can contain all or any mix of the following – Chinatown, Christmas Pearl, Silk Road, Whispering Dream, Virdichic, Pink Vision, Mistress, Finola, China Pink, Affaire, Louvre, Negrita, Innuendo, Air, Weber’s Parrot & Weber’s Parrot Spectrum, Angelique and Dior. Any combination is delicious.

the deviants

A few Tulips from over the years who have decided to break-apart from the rest

Now this first one may seem like it should belong in our candy mix, but it firmly belongs in this deviant category. In an all white flowering front of house scheme, this one single pink ombre Tulip appeared in protest against it’s sister crowd of White Triumphator Tulips.

A Diana deviant

 Queen of Night defiant one

A truly beautiful and conflictingly strong broken Tulip. We named it the Coca Cola Tulip

the vintage

With a fine touch the vintage mix works well in classical properties and gardens that want to evoke a sense of heritage and nostalgia. With a muted palette, it is best to mix all of the following in equal measures for the most effective depths and variations.

Tulip La Belle Epoque, Tulip Apricot Pride, Tulip Black Parrot, Tulip Green River, Tulip Green Star, Tulip Purissima, Tulip Montreax, Tulip Silk Road, Tulip Shirley, Tulip Apricot Parrot,

all imagery & ingredients by us

the candy, the deviants, the vintage #Tulips

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