Winter Gardens


01/02/2020 By HC

grey table with winter foraged objects from a garden

In Winter we embrace all that nature and outdoors has to offer. At the heart of Winter, when all is toned down to its natural pared-back state our gardens and landscapes emanate elegance and confidence. We welcome and cherish these colder months in our designs because the simpler stages of outside give us all a period of respite. Lighting, muted palettes and raw structures are the details that shine brightest in the bones of our Winter gardens. A source of heat for morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening chilling is an HC Garden must-have.

This year we have many Stories to share with you. Our key focus will be on provenance, restoration and sustainability with an inherent desire to connect to nature every month. Each month is championed and brings it’s very own unique beauty.


winter hygge garden with fire pit and Adirondack chairs

timber house with living roof and chimney

Winter mood making

riverside black shack in the Cotswolds

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Winter Moodboard by ©HC Gardens 2020