Snow patrol

02/02/2019 By HC

little owl in tree trunk in cotswolds landscape

Cotswolds Landscapes, Winter is here


Welcome to our Cotswolds landscape blog from a very chilly February. With Britain firmly gripped by the big freeze we decided to get our snow chains on and get out and about to see what beauty the Cotswolds had to offer. Visually the surrounding Cotswolds landscape scenery didn’t disappoint. But many people were in a pickle so we ended up doing 3 tows and rescuing a lovely stranded couple from Australia.

a landrover in a snowy cotswold landscape

Here’s a selection of shots from our travels through the Cotswolds on snow day

a bronze landscape sculpture of a dog rolling in the snow in the cotswolds

Cotswolds landscape sculpture

a stone rill breaks through snow in a cotswolds landscape design

 Cotswolds landscaped stone rill

Adirondack chair covered in snow in a cotswolds landscape

a fire pit with logs filled with snow in a cotswolds landscape

close up landscape fence in a snow covered cotswolds field

We think there is a unique appeal in Winter landscapes in the Cotswolds; when all of nature is toned down to its natural pared-back beauty. Natural light and muted palettes can be appreciated, alongside the structural elements like bare trees in a landscapes framework. Laced with snow, Winter landscapes become enchanting.

The big thaw came pretty quickly though

tree coppice and fence in snow covered cotswolds landscape

golden retriever white dog covered in snow in a cotswolds landscape

sheep grazing in a cotswolds landscape

wood log from frosty cotswolds landscape

small owl in tree trunk in a cotswolds landscape

That’s it from our little snow patrol report. May you all stay warm and hygge.

Childs mobile of an air balloon in front of a window with a cotswolds landscape behind

all imagery by us, ingredients by the Cotswolds
Snow Patrol 2019 ©HC Gardens

a black and white Land Rover Defender truck with landscape design van graphics in a snowy cotswolds garden with snow chains

yep, warmer…

small owl in tree trunk