Pulp Fiction – the October round up

16/10/2021 By HC

You may have noticed that we are slightly infatuated with Autumn around here, not to pick favourites… but this season seems to hold a special interest for us. We love all that it offers and ushers in. It’s the season that epitomises hygge. With colours and flowers and fires and cooking, light changes, logs, scarves, harvesting and foraging what’s not to like?

October can be a really great month for fresh produce too with an array of cut flowers still flourishing and all the hard efforts of Spring and Summer paying off to yield vegetables and fruits that will safely see you through to Christmas. Yes we said the C word, but more on that soon. For now here is a celebration journal entry full of October pickings from garden plots and pantries and proof how easy it is to grow your own stylish & culinary gourds and pumpkins with companion flowers for the season.

blue, grey and white small pumpkins

autumn fire

a candle lit courtyard garden with white cushions and lanterns on a stone wall. Tiny Rosemary plants are on the garden dining table

french calendula orange flowers interior installation

ruby eclipse sunflower

Homegrown white and green pumpkins from a self-sufficient garden with vase of flowers

grey seaholly

Next time on the journal The Pantry, Plot to Plate, Seed Club, Fusion, Party Wall. If you love harvesting nature and enjoyed the visuals in this entry you might also like Tastemakers