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28/02/2024 By HC

Wooden bream structure with lichen twig installation for Hendy Curzon Gardens, Peach Fuzz

Welcome to a conversation around colour. Pantone Lab have declared Peach fuzz colour of the year 2024. We believe that colour is a powerful communication tool as the first thing we see and the first thing we connect to. It is a visual language we all understand, one whose message knows no boundaries.  We often tell our stories through the language of colour – so here is another and in this instance it’s warm & fuzzy.

Field of grasses in peachy golden shades

Pantone colour card 2024 Peach Fuzz with Cafe au Lait Dahlias

Close up shot of peach florals

Pantone Peach Fuzz colour card in Hendy Curzon landscaped garden with apricot peach planting scheme

Peach and orange tulips in galvanised planters by Hendy Curzon Gardens


When we think of Peach fuzz our minds instantly turn to Winter because of the light omitted in January, February and March. It’s a comforting colour that awakens our senses and evokes a sense of hygge as it enkindles warmth from the outside in.

Peach fuzz Winter

Close up of bird feeding on birch log in Oxfordshire winter

Natural swimming pool in Kingham by Hendy Curzon Gardens. Peach orange tones

Close up of frosty tree trunk with ridges and grooves

Sunset over Blenheim palace lake in Winter scene

Morning frosty light over Filkins project by Hendy Curzon Gardens

Snow fallen amongst grasses in winter. Designed by Hendy Curzon Gardens

Golden retriever in snow scene cotswold garden

Close up of fluffy grass pod in peachy dusky shades

Beautiful sunrise at Blenheim Palace with Stag deer silhouette

Harpsden wood House exterior in Autumn with fiery orange

Candy colours Tulip planting border

La belle epoque Tulips and hellebore beneath trees

Peach fuzz Spring

Judges House, kingham front of house project

Close up of blush pink Magnolia just beginning to open

Italian architecture in shades of peach

Close up of florals in peach fuzz, pink and white

Peach fuzz chicken free range in Cotswold garden

Test tube chandelier in Design atelier in Woodstock

Beautiful peach narcissi by Hendy Curzon Gardens

Masses of pink clematis climber growing in Oxfordshire Garden

Italian sash windows in terracotta and plaster

Close up of toffee rose

PEach fuzz colour exploration by HC Gardens

Peach, white and purple Nicotiana

Pop up Productive glasshouse at Sibford Park by hendy curzon gardens

peeling trunk of birch tree amongst grasses and dainty planting

Peach sunset haze over polytunnel in cotswolds

Productive hoop house with beautiful sunset over cotswold garden

Sunset over wheat field in Oxfordshire

Peach fuzz Summer

Pantone colour of the year peach fuzz by HC

Cornish garden planting scheme with coastal grasses

Close up shot of tiny pink echinacea

Hygge tablescape with warm peach candles and lanterns and fresh flowers

Close up of beautiful scented peach peony

Peachy shades chicken feathers in cotswold garden

Peach fuzz Autumn

peach coloured sunflowers in an autumnal garden

Pantone Lab believe profoundly in the relationship between culture and colour and that global culture is expressed and reflected through the shared language of colour. They aim to pick a colour of the year that crosses all areas of design. So what is the why behind this years choice? This is direct from the Lab –


The Pantone Colour of the Year selection process entails thoughtful consideration and trend analysis. It is a culmination of the macro-level colour trend forecasting and research that the global team involved with the Pantone Colour Institute conducts year-round that informs this selection, as well as the colours that get included into our colour trend forecasting products. 

We approach our colour selection in a very pure way. No one on our global team comes to any Pantone Colour of the Year discussion with a commercial agenda or personal preferences. Instead, we each approach our Pantone Colour of the Year colour selection in a very pure way. As we like to say, “we love all of our colours equally.” 

There’s also a misconception that we gather a bunch of colour influencers in a room one day and emerge with the decision. As many of our Pantone Colour Institute team members own their own design studios, contribute to key influential global trend forecasts, work with clients prescribing colour choices for brand or product visual identity, and even teach classes on colour, their daily conversations are rooted in colour and design, including material and surface finish. 

As a result, conversations relating to the Pantone Colour of the Year selection do not take place in one isolated meeting at a specific time of year. It is one long, continuously flowing conversation among a group of colour-attuned people.  Our Pantone Colour Institute team members come from a wide range of design, cultural, and geographical backgrounds. The commonality that brings them together is their expertise in colour and design, and their ability to see the world through the lens of colour. That’s why I liken them to being colour anthropologists. They have this intuitive ability to connect all that is taking place in the world and translate it into the language of colour.


Foxgloves and Alliums planted on verge

Over at Culture Hustle – a genius group of colourists, they have their own unique response to this years choice. They have been inspired to create a magical powder pigment called Cheap Buzz (see mixology picture + test tubes) with this strong message attached to it –

‘Every year, the PANTONE corporation declares the colour of the year. This year they’ve decided its Peach Fuzz. Manufacturers, fashion designers, homeware makers, textile artists and retailers jump to join the trend. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Cheap Buzz is exactly what Pantone’s Colour Of The Year is all about. It’s nonsense they pick the colour and creators of all kinds toe the line. Surely, it’s time we asked the question of who gave Big Colour the power to decide’ – Stuart Semple from Culture Hustle

This opinion is all part of our conversation. We get Culture Hustles point, but we do enjoy the conversation and inspiration that Pantone’s Lab announcement each year generates. It’s a good anchor point for us as designers. It gets us thinking, and in this instance we reviewed our projects spanning from Covid lockdowns to date. We found that last year we were definitely leaning in to a certain colour wheel with terracottas, apricots, peach, coppers, metallics and creams all in this wide spectrum which could be capped off as Peach fuzz. It was affirming from our end and we have really enjoyed exploring our rushes from the last few years and seeing how much peach fuzz seemed to pop.

We will be revisiting more from the Culture Hustle colourists on our journal throughout 2024 and bringing their products and opinions to the fold. Namely the pinkest pink and Blink – the blackest ink, but more of that later.

Leverage the power of colour

That’s it for our colour exploration inspired by the Pantone Lab’s 2024 colour of the year. We hope you have enjoyed all of our gentle velvety peachy contents and ingredients!

©Hendy Curzon Gardens

Until next time




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