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23/05/2022 By HC

The demand for immersive 3d animations of our landscape & garden designs coupled with architects visions for clients is fully fulfilled in house here at HC. Our 3D department has developed a distinct style that captures the true seasons, plants, trees, materials, furnishings, lighting and architecture to fully visualise projects on any given scale.

We also work very hard as a team to evoke the projected aesthetic of a design and utilise design development mediums as a means to develop a unanimously shared vision. At times this crosses over in to interiors too as we generally affiliate with projects that have a definitive relationship between inside and out.

The Glass Haus Barn buildings with rendered landscape design

spa pool view out

A Parterre Garden in the Cotswolds in design development at 3D renderworks stage

A Parterre Garden in the Cotswolds installed

estate kitchen parterre garden

in the works

A Modern Prairie Project

modern barn entrance with wildflower pathway entrance

A virtual Poolscape

swimming pool and pod with cotswold stone poolscaping and roof pleached trees

A actual Poolscape

During both the design development stages and after full realisation of projects we also draw on the tool of drone footage


Willow labyrinth at Sibford Park by hendy curzon gardens

Drone Project : The Labyrinth

Harpsden Wood House in completion
Harpsden Wood House a birds eye view of an arts and crafts house and landscape design in Oxfordshire

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