Exterior Design


10/01/2021 By HC

Welcome to our intro to 2021. We have great plans and huge ideas as we forge ahead with client projects, both in development and in the works. Although this year is unpredictable it definitely feels more manageable. Everyone has had to rapidly reinvent their homes and gardens in the past year and it has at very least taught us that we all need to ensure we carve out some calm in our homesteads. Now having to function as schools, restaurants, gyms and workplaces we are centering our approach and discussions here on the journal on ways to inspire and liberate your creative thinking about your garden.

a natural swimming poool in Kingham

aqua swimming pool with deck and planting surround

Down to earth

As we propel forwards and plan we still believe in looking to ideas from the past to embed in the future. Living locally and self sustainability are at the core of this. Keep checking in for journal entries exploring and featuring such topics. Here are a few preview shots of the flavour of what we plan to share with you in the year ahead.

rare cumbrian cute sheep

sweetpeas in a french vase on lack background

foxgloves and blue sky

black bespoke garden building in winter with white birch tree

cafe au lait Dahlias and zinnias