blown away

19/09/2023 By HC

Met office warnings for high winds. Expected : Coastal conditions in the Cotswolds.  `get your kindling & fire wood ready, stock up and hunker down for Autumn. Cosy socks on, it’s time for a new season of hygge 🤍 Grass borders at Harpsden wood house with Corten rose wall

Alexandra Mcqueen couture dress

garden sculpture in metal of dandelions with fallen autumn leaves

Prairie flower landscape construction and giant chair sculpture installed by landscapers Oxford

3D conceptual fireside

wildflower garden with terracing and a fire pit

a fire feature sculpture being welded

glowing fire bowl in autumn garden

Wind blown lady in Oxfordshire Autmnal scene

Fireplace with masses of humbug pumpkins

autumn fire

hooded figure outdoor in autumn in front of a fire pit with woven willow fencing

Cosy striped socks by Autumn fire

Until next time


Image sources for blown away story : HC Gardens (mostly), BBC, 25.media.tumblr.com, Alexander McQueen. Thank you 🤍

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