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17/02/2022 By HC

So storm Eunice tomorrow…

Live feed from the Met Office  }

A rare red weather warning – the highest level – has been issued for parts of south-west England and south Wales on Friday, meaning there is a danger to life from flying debris.

The Met Office warned Storm Eunice could bring gusts of up to 90mph, causing significant disruption.

Damage to homes, cancelled trains and power cuts are also likely. Many schools are closing as a precaution.

The red warning is in place from 07:00 GMT until 12:00 GMT on Friday.

It means millions of people living near the coastline of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, as well as the south coast of Wales, are being urged to stay at home during the storm.

A lower amber warning for wind remains in place for the rest of Wales and most of England as far north as Manchester, from 05:00 until 21:00 on Friday.

All train services in Wales have been suspended on Friday, while rail companies are urging other customers not to travel due to expected disruption.

Almost all Welsh councils as well as Somerset County Council said their schools would close on Friday. More than a hundred schools across Devon and Cornwall will also shut and Bristol City Council said it had advised schools not to open. The government held an emergency Cobra meeting to discuss the response to the incoming storm.Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the Army was “on standby” to support those affected.

Rest assured darlings

We are always ready for a storm – batten down the hatchets, stay inside, watch in wonderment and let sense prevail. When Mother Nature gives us a show enjoy it. It’s half term so many of you will be away from home and indeed Devon / Cornwall bound. So tuck up with your dearest and with trays of smug things and get your hygge on.




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