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Winter Décor

25/11/2019 By HC

a black nordic garden shack with wood burners covered in snow in oxfordshire

Now is the time to be seasoning your home & garden for Winter. There is so much beauty in the pared-back state of Winter. Autumn has kindly held on this year as it has been unusually mild. Yes it’s been grey and there is so much rain, but temperatures are at an all time low. Here is our edit from a selection of our projects in November and December to help you get all set up for your Winter Hygge.

Remember ~ foliage and foraging are your friends this season. Take what you can from nature, bring some outside in and reap the rewards. It’s as cheap as chips and your home will feel effortlessly stylish.

filament light bulb and test-tube of snow hanging

eucalyptus wreath with de drops

sea holly against downpipe coloured wall

let it snow written in white chalk on a chalk board

cut snowdrop flowers in a zinc cone

railings with Christmas garland

foraged cuttings and feet

a foraged wreath in the Cotswolds England on a black door with a blue ribbon

fitts barn old sign

giant barn wreath hanging on stone barn

cornwall garden at night with lighting and olive trees

courtyard garden at night with Christmas lights

front door of Edwardian townhouse painted dark blue with wreath

willow knitted ball in snow


forty grasses and gate pillars

winter garden with grasses and roof pleached trees

artichoke Christmas bauble

pod nest swings in a garden and melting snow

Adirondack chairs covered in snow

cortex snowflakes at a window with fairy lights and person walking, blue light and frosty

winter cottage snowscape

rustic cottage at Christmas covered in snow

squirrels tail type grass in frost

close up of eucalyptus

Pop back soon to see FOH at signature projects

all ingredients sourced, grown, installed  & created by us in The Cotswolds, Cornwall, and coming soon Cumbria.


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