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Stories : before & after

18/05/2020 By HC

garden designed in oxfordshire view from window

Welcome to the first story in a series we are running over Summer. Who doesn’t love a before and after? So that’s the theme. Every week we will post a new one.

We have some whoppers in store for you! But also, it is to show you what is possible. So no doubt after the last 2 months you feel more connected to your outdoor space. We hope you are also embracing more of outdoor living and all that it offers you on so many levels. These stories have been selected to inspire you as we all continue to navigate some very tricky times. We hope you enjoy each reveal. No two are ever remotely the same. Dream big. Get in touch for your bespoke outdoor development. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Nest Cottage : the Before

Nest Cottage : the After

garden planting design in June

garden planting design in June

garden planting design in June

garden design with wildflowers and patio

View The Nest Cottage Garden project here on the HC Portfolio