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September collection : 50 shades of salmon

13/09/2023 By Adrienne

We are bringing you a collection of September flowers from our flower farm in the vast spectrum of salmon. Salmon blends pink with orange and exists on the lighter side of living coral. It contains red, white luminance and blue & green compound hues. This is a broad palette and there are an array of flowers you can home grow at this time of year that all tend to each hold their own unique draw from the colour wheel. Here we have collected Dahlias, Tagetes, Cosmos, Hydrangeas, Zinnias & Foxgloves. Salmon hues read particularly well in September light. Salmon hex code: #FA8072 Salmon pink orange colour swatches

shades of salmon and pink homegrown dahlias

Fresh Salmon fillet

Salmon tagetes

Peach, apricot sutton foxgloves

Basket of homegrown florals

bed of apricot, salmon and pink homegrown dahlias

Fluffy free range chicken running through cotswold garden

Judges house corten pot filled with Autumnal hydrangea

autumn hydrangeas in little pots on a black stage

Dahlia salmon shade and blush pink

cut flowers in Apricot colour

soft pink petal with yellow centre

cafe au lait soft pink petal dahlias

all ingredients & imagery ©HC

until next time

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