Landscape Design

at the core

09/11/2021 By HC

A small portal onto a curation of projects with beauty, functionality and escapism at the core of each design. These are a few spaces that have provided retreats within wider grounds and landscape schemes.

monastic garden design in Oxfordshire

The Rest. Monastic Parterre garden. Barn Cottage on The Green

corten sculpture rose garden oxfordshire garden design

House of cards. Alice in Wonderland inspired Rose garden with bespoke gigantic corten cardways. Henley-on-Thames

unusual sunflowers

Flower Farm. Hook Norton

Judges House in Kinham front of garden in Oxfordshire

Judge’s House. Kingham

corten beehive logstores and herb garden

North End. Productive Pocket. Dorchester

ruby eclipse sunflower

corten beehive log stores in autumn



corten rose sculpture garden in snow