Floral Frontiers

Jardin Pâtisserie

05/10/2022 By HC

Growing wild

Welcome to our feast of edible flowers. Imagine sitting at a freshly dressed tablescape and tucking in to plates of fresh produce garnered from a living pantry. This post is a convergence of produce and seasonal flowers harvested from our floral potager. We’ve made Cornflower shortcake, Fireweed Prairie Scones, snappy Daiquiris with Snap Dragons, Sweet Williams and blueberries, spicy dark Tulips stuffed with pea and herb puree, Crème glacée Citrus & Tagetes patula with Fennel pollen & pink rock salt, Poached pears and Chamomile, Thymus flower cupcakes with wild strawberries and chilli dust, sweet battered courgette flowers. There’s all sorts of creations using Nasturtium leaves and Viola, Jasmine, Erigeron and perennial Phlox flowers. So please take a seat at our table and enjoy this considered curation of unabashed beauty and totally attainable eye candy. Bon appétit.

Flower to fork

Copper pan with edible sunflower salad

An array of autumnal edible sunflowers in oranges, rusts, yellows

Close up of edible dahlias and gold cake fork

Meringue nests stuffed with honey and edible flowers. Garnished with seasonal figs

Camomile midera sponge cake with citrus fruits and cinnamon

Shell shapes cake with sweet cream and edible phlox

blackberry and blueberries on dark background with edible purple violas

frozen flower ice cubes

Spiced poached pears on black quartz worktop garnished with camomile and cinnamon

Erigeron profusion on mass

black and white sweet william on wooden table in garden

Snapdragon daiquiri with red glitter and blueberries

Hanging strawberry planter filled with red strawberries from by HC gardens in cotswold garden

Rich red velvet strawberry, basil and chilli cupcakes on quartz worktop

Spicy black parrot tulip stuffed with pea puree on a bed of edible flowers

Courgette flowers with batter

Tempura courgette flowers with mauldon rock salt

Blueberry plant with fruit on grown by Hc Gardens in productive garden at Rolling hound

Pistachio icecream bomb with fresh fruit and viola

Nasturtiums sunflower violas snapdragon floating in clear glass water bowl

Hundreds of blue cornflowers growing on mass on productive garden polytunnel

Cornflower shortbread ready for the oven

edible cut flowers on window sill in oxfordshire kitchen

Gold forks with lavender and edible flowers

fireweed growing in productive garden

scone mix with Erigeron and fireweed flowers

Fireweed scones in black le cresuet style dish with clotted cream and jam

Sea of tagetes, sunflower growing in productive garden beneath warm sunset

Orange sorbet with tagetes and fennel and pink Himalayan salt

White violas on fancy french cake

All ingredients & imagery here by HC©

Until next time