Easter Egg

06/04/2022 By Victoria

enki front cover april 2022 featuring hendy curzon gardens

Find our multidisciplinary creative family garden hive, OxPod featured and on the cover of enki’s fourth anniversary issue this April. Pick up from retailers & stores or order direct in the UK or internationally from enki

a private home studio in a townhouse garden

We were delighted to be contacted by enki for a feature in their anniversary issue this Spring and what an issue it is! Jam-packed with projects from all over the world, all with self sustainability and an ethos of greening up at their core. Amongst the collection the May issue includes a green-roofed lake house and an Italian farmhouse built around a majestic 10 meter high ficus tree.

small white dog in an Oxford garden with mexican daisy flowers growing in the path

Oxford’s best kept secret

OxPod is nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of city life as a retreat for a family who have travelled for years and wished to settle in the UK longterm. We were appointed to design this townhouse garden and studio pod to provide seclusion whilst sitting in synergy with both the main house and front of house.

green mini parked in a townhouse garden oxpod for enki fourth anniversary

Planter filled with moss

The Oxpod project was completed last Easter so our enki feature marks a year of the family living with it and a perfect end to the first chapter of the year. We have turned to the Swedish celebration of Påskris (translating to Easter branches) to inspire us around the design studio this week before we take the Easter weekend to rest & re-set.

paskris easter branches

Celebrating enki fourth anniversary © Hendy Curzon

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter break!

Speak soon

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