Earth Day

Earth day 2024

22/04/2024 By Victoria

Happy Earth Day 2024

Ariel footage of farm land filled with sheep in Sibford Gower

22nd April marks Earth Day in the diary for 2024. We place great emphasis on sustainability, greenscaping and ensuring our projects are ecologically sound – it is at the heart of our projects. Last year we installed over 100 mature trees to a woodland trail Playscape integrated with Wildlife houses and Wildlife watch towers, a Pop Up Garden with a productive Winter glasshouse set up for high yields of produce founded on a field to fork self sufficiency ethos. Plus we planted over 1.5km of native hedgerows providing shelter, food and habitat for pollinators and wildlife.

prairie meadows with mown path up to oak tree

Woodland trail Playscape with wildlife houses and watch towers. Alongside pink Bocce court

Golden retriever dog close up eyes with butterfly perched on head

Robinia Wood playhut wildlife watch landing into Woodland trail playscape

Large tree being lifted on forklift by hendy curzon gardens ready for planting

Robinia wood net tunnel from the ground looking up to blue skies


Trees planted by HC so far this year

Boxhead Taxus trees surrounding infinity swimming pool

Fir trees framing night shot of garden designer walking through metal gates

Meet Pop Up Productive

A completely productive garden, designed to allow its owners to be self sufficient all year round. This magic space defies the typical constructs of the edible garden providing produce even in the depths of Winter. Think Strawberries in December! We believe that every garden should be multi-seasonal and that does not stop at productive gardens. Every element of PUP is founded in a field to fork ethos. From hanging baskets of herbs, berries & salad crops indoors to outdoor troughs boasting an array of hardy Kale and vegetable crops.

Inside productive glasshouse with living picture and gold chandelier

Salad crops growing in troughs inside productive glass house with peter rabbit scare crow

Masses of hardy Kale growing in wooden Sibford Park trough

Edible garden with hardy winter veg and salad crops. Pink apple blossom trees flowering

Vibrant pink beetroot and parsley harvested from productive garden

Selection of floral garden books and recipe books stacked in garden designers working studio

Terracotta pot cover alongside italian terrace terracotta pot. With Peter rabbit scarecrow in glasshouse

Wooden trough planters filled with hardy vegetable crops and blossoming fruit

seed club tutorial by hendy curzon gardens for Oxfrodshire clients

italian terracotta planter populated with herbs for cooking next to ethimo swing set at Sibford Park

Earthday is an opportunity to celebrate our remarkable planet and to take some steps in the right direction but it should fundamentally remain as a reminder to us all that there is still an urgent need to change.

Rows and rows of lavender in multiple colours planted in stripes

“Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future.” WWF


Earth day poster winner for Earth day 2024

Hendy Curzon logo on Earth Day view of blue skies

Golden retriever swimming in aqua blue rippled water

Blue skies over farmed land with a herd of cows in oxforshire

dandelion blowing in the breeze with blue skies

 go with the flow

Water droplets on delphinium plant

alchemical mollisols leaves with rain droplets

turn your screen upside down for this one

still calm lake by hendy curzon gardens for earth day

Sibford Park serene morning overlooking duck lake

See our release of a vast shoal to this wildlife pond last week. Their job will be to tend to cleaning of all algae. Feel free to click to go to full screen to view in better detail.

White echinacea and totally tangerine geum in front of water bowl

Giant lemon sun flower

Water droplet off of canopy with blue background

Pink street in Lisbon with colourful umbrellas

Water feature rill in Hendy Curzon gardens designed garden

a stone rill breaks through snow in a cotswolds landscape design

In the face of adversity

Last week National Geographic caught some seriously special footage, never before seen. Hundreds of month-old Emperor Penguin chicks launched themselves into icy waters from a 50ft cliff. Scientists anticipate that this rare event will become more common as sea ice declines and Penguins are forced to adapt.

“Ordinarily, emperor penguins nest on free-floating sea ice that thaws and blows away each year, not on the ice shelf, which is firmly attached to the land. But lately, some colonies have been nesting on the shelf. Scientists theorize that the shift could be related to increasingly earlier seasonal thawing of the sea ice caused by climate change.”

We have added the link which you MUST watch. It is extraordinary. Some take leaps of faith, some are pushed, some just fall. There are tragic belly flops and anguishing moments, but this is is one of the most inspiring things that we think we have seen. The sheer resolution of self will, of group community, of faith and belief, and ultimately success. Because each and everyone of those pilgrims makes it, regardless of their grace or lack of grace of fall. Many become rockstars with their jumps. Others hmmm… take a look. Link at the end.

Emperor penguin chicks jumping off the ice shelf edge for their first swim, Atka Bay, Antarctica


Introducing enki 60th issue, The Home of Design & architecture

enki magazine invited us to feature in their 60th edition this April which focuses on Eco luxury and sustainable living. Our project Pixxie felt like the perfect fit.

Volume 60 enki magazine hendy curzon gardens feature on sustainable living

Full page spread hendy curzon gardens in enki volume 60

Pixxie boasts a wildlife meadow, swimming pool, multiple gathering stations with natural heat sources – a destination secret fire pit area located at the farthest north point and a classic outdoor lounge set up with an outdoor corten fireplace and a Douglas Fir wood Arbor. Bespoke swing sets for the children coupled with the kids own productive raised garden full of produce for cooking within their outdoor cook spots. The garden was designed to be a constant garden – to pull the family outdoors to embrace every month of the year. Get your latest 60th issue of enki to learn more. Available online and from all your usual high street outlets. Waitrose, M&S, WHSmith, etcetera.

Project Pixxie by hendy curzon featured in enki magazine

Sustainable cotswold garden with douglas fir arbor

Pixxie will be landing on our portfolio page shortly so keep in touch for more on this project.

all ingredients by HC 2024 © as always. With some help from WWF, National Geographic, enki and Luke P.B, Earth Day poster winner (you are awesome BTW)

Golden retriever dog watching sunset in Cornwall

and Happy Birthday Hon, our very own resident born earth girl.

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