Día de los Muertos

31/10/2018 By HC

a glass skull full of flowers on a black background

Our heads are always full of flowers around here. For Día de los Muertos we created this mindful of flowers photo shoot in commemoration of the ones we have lost in 2018. Not macabre nor mournful, it is considered a day of tribute and celebration. It is for honouring your memories of the ones you have lost. Even if in just a small way, it’s an important day of remembrance. The Day of the Dead originated several thousands of years ago with the Aztec, Toltec, and other Nahua people. It’s not about mourning, but instead about keeping those who passed in our continuum of life. It’s about memory and respect for lives lived. November 2nd every year.

all imagery & ingredients by us

mindful of flowers shoot

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