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Rough Luxe

15/08/2022 By Victoria

Welcome to the heatwave! In the past week there was a life-time event of a supermoon also known as a Syzygy.  A Syzygy equals a pair of connected or corresponding things, most commonly referred to as when the sun, moon and earth are aligned thus in this case the point of which we got to witness a supermoon orbiting around 223,600 miles from the Earth’s centre when it passed the meridian. Astronomers would call full moons that take place on or around the closest point of orbit ‘perigeal’, or even an example of ‘perigee syzygy.’

white moon in black sky

This year has felt like a whirlwind and it certainly seems shocking that we have already arrived at mid August. This month sees our Studio encompassed in total design mode right now. I love being immersed in the inspirations as ideas are brought to life and colour. There are sketches pinned on walls, books with pages tagged and piled high, moodboards and photos taped up, weighted down swatches and material palettes sit waiting to be approved. All of this organically changes daily whilst conceptual 3d animations are rendering and CAD plans are being formulated. Outside, the nursery has flourished into a multi-sensory creative space that acts as a living reference point to planting combinations and also serves as a reminder of all our efforts last Spring.

Our site teams are not long off the back of completing two projects in Burford and providing some pop up gardens to some clients to tide them over Summer. These pop ups are for parties, events and quite often to provide clients living on site with some rough luxe whilst internal or external works, builds and renovations are being carried out. Albeit temporary spaces the pop ups provide refuge and are places of beauty. Our philosophy behind rough luxe is to value luxury as a moment in time, therefore it can be defined by personal encounters with people, nature, architecture and environment as well as food and social cultural experiences linked to locations. The setting may not be permanent or ideal but it can host, nourish and comfort.

Terracotta director chairs at sibford park tennis pavilion

Hanging floral installation in design barn in cotswolds

Rough luxe yurt with kettler furniture and festoon lights

Kettler sofa under yurt tipi pop up at sibford park

Tennis pavilion pop up at sibford park

Rough luxe yurt pop up by tennis pavilion sibford park

Leather bean bags beside oxfordshire pool

Hendy Curzon black and white Land rover defender

We have also been busy on photoshoots the last weeks. Stepping over to Sundae… this little lovely is coming to our portfolio shortly, we just have one more shoot of it to do at night  in its garden lighting glory.

Porcelain tile steps with Buxus

Limelight hydrangea in modern oxford garden

Sundae est. 2022 ©HC

Waterbowl under sunshade in Sundae garden oxford townhouse

Supermoon August 2022

Aerials of a few of our projects in the works currently

Ariel shot from above the trees in Oxfordshire countryside

Drone arial shot of productive garden in Chipping norton oxfordshire

Fisheries cottage, blenheim palace oxfordshire

Wide ariel shot of Blenheim palace in Woodstock oxfordshire

Speak soon!