Autumn Gardens


07/10/2019 By HC


Kaws landscape art sculpture at a sculpture park in AutumnO is for Octoberautumn vine

Welcome to our Autumnal post for 2019. We hope this collection from our projects will inspire you to embrace Autumn and all that it has to offer.

flame red tulip with fringed petals

Currently we are bulb planting on all projects and visiting Nurseries to pick the best stock for projects.

rows of big Buxus balls growing in a field in autumn

autumn garden with grasses and deck, hexagon log stores and wood bench

Preparing for your October outdoor living

harvest time fire pit bowl with natural kindling

harvest corten log store with axe handle leant up

autumn harvest field with rabbit sculpture

autumn spiders web spun in to heart shape dewy

heart shaped bark in a tree trunk

owls in a old tree in autumn

big green egg garden cooking in autumn

a shed with a built in log store in a twonhouse garden

Projects in Octoberroof garden in autumn with modern furniture

autumn foraged finds forest floor nuts and leaves

lakeside garden with tree in autumn season

See Lakeside in Autumn here

autumn leaves on a drive of a modern garden

autumn garden with beehive log stores and orange beech hedge

See North End in Autumn here

far end poolside natural in autumn with deck

See Far End in Autumn here

autumn garden design in Oxford with trees and autumn colours

See The Bield in Autumn here

orange autumn leaves

orange leaves in autumn

autumn fire

autumn landscape Harpsden Wood House in Henley-on-Thames with green grounds and gardens designed by Hendy Curzon Gardens

See Harpsden Wood House in Autumn here

Hydrangea flower in autumn turning rustic infant of a window

See Judge’s House, Kingham in Autumn here

Insta Updates this Autumn black on white instagram logo

glowing fire bowl in autumn garden

autumn in the shack with log stores and outdoor chandelier

antique french baguette storage used for drying seeds and lavender

Kingham modern barn in autumn

Rows of box topiary Buxus balls stored for landscapers Oxford

frosty autumn leaves

golden retriever male dog in a garden pot

a comapny logo on tapue back ground about garden design

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